Craftsman Heritage Acknowledged

Have you ever seen a look or heard a word from someone that touched you to the core, that lit the light bulb in your head and made you think – OMG – that ‘s why I am like I am! I did tonight and I want to share my thoughts with you.

For those who haven’t known me for long, I used to be a tile setter when I was a younger person, and that is because of my father. My father was a craftsman, he was a granite carver when he was a young man, then he built his own business and owned a ceramic tile and marble shop when I was growing up. In the early days my mom worked as his helper. I don’t remember that because it was before I was born, but she told me about it. She also kept books for the business, but after I was born, then my sister was born. Then mama stayed home and took care of us and the house while my Dad grew the business and hired people to work for him. I was my Dad’s shadow growing up. His hobby was woodworking. He enjoyed making birdhouses. For a living though he had the tile and marble shop, and I ended up learning the craft. When I was older I worked as a commercial tile installer for several national tile companies until I was in my mid 40’s. It is hard physically; luckily I had acquired some college and I worked for another decade as a project manager for a tile company. Life’s path was winding and I ended up where I am now, in my 60s and retired, no longer up to the task of working as a tile setter. I know about now you are wondering where the part comes in about my lightbulb that lit. Well, here it is, I just watched a series about Master Craftsman, and I associated it with tile and marble craftsmanship, even though it is about weaving; which has become my obsession the last couple years, among many other handcrafts I have been doing. I realized tonight while watching that video series that all my handcrafting is coming from my leftover desire of what I was as a tile setter! I was an artist and I enjoyed the artistic work of doing special custom tile work for homeowners. This video series that I watched really touched me to the soul. I want to share it with you. It is about the journey of three people who start out to learn the craft of weaving but learn much more about self motivation and others.  I made a playlist of the four videos in this series and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

This picture is form first video, click on picture to go to the video or scroll down and click on video and watch in this browser window.





Here is the link:


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