Mercy’s Pet Portrait Custom Tote

I had an order for a custom tote from a customer who has a Dutch Shepherd named Mercy. I asked for a picture of Mercy so I could see what a Dutch Shepherd looks like. I decided to surprise my customer by doing a new process I been working on where I transfer the image onto cloth and then using my own formulation of glazes and polyurethane I coat the cloth to preserve the image. Below are pictures of Mercy’s Tote. I also have an album on my Flickr page.  tote.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

IMG_20140915_091936 IMG_20140915_091953 IMG_20140915_092006 IMG_20140915_092016 IMG_20140915_092050 IMG_20140915_092116 IMG_20140915_092126 IMG_20140915_092155 IMG_20140915_092217

You can order one in my Etsy Shop.


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