Bobbi’s Birthday Gift 2014

I made the clutch from Starbucks coffee bags that I heat laminate by a process that I developed. The clutch is to hold crochet and knitting tools but can also double as a clutch. I plan to use this design as a prototype for a clutch design that I will sell as a made to order item. The knit and crochet books are also part of the gift. Bobbi is my youngest daughter. She was born the same year as Starbucks was born and that is what the Starbucks special edition bags is all about. See this album on my Flickr page

Click on pictures below to open larger version.

CIMG2960CIMG2961 CIMG2962 IMG_20140802_185543 IMG_20140802_185513 IMG_20140802_185501 IMG_20140802_185334 IMG_20140802_185323 IMG_20140802_185312 IMG_20140802_185304 IMG_20140802_185243 IMG_20140802_185114 IMG_20140802_185103 IMG_20140802_185055 IMG_20140802_185047 IMG_20140802_184929 IMG_20140802_184911 IMG_20140802_184856 IMG_20140802_184813 IMG_20140802_184751 IMG_20140802_184741 IMG_20140802_184731 IMG_20140802_184708 IMG_20140802_184656 CIMG2969 CIMG2968 CIMG2967 CIMG2966 CIMG2965 CIMG2964 CIMG2963


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