A Renewed Love Affair with…

I had become disillusioned with Etsy and felt they didn’t care about the sellers anymore, but this video has renewed my love affair with Etsy. Chad Dickerson is the CEO of Etsy, he talks in this “Town Hall” video about the new policies and how they came about.  Etsy Town Hall Video Oct 2013 

I have had my Etsy shop since 2011 and Etsy has made countless changes during the last three years. I am vocal in my dislikes, especially the testing where they hid my shipping costs. Customers were frustrated, I was frustrated and felt that Etsy was causing me to look dishonest. For those who don’t know, Etsy had a test going where they hid the shipping cost in some stores, not all store, they forced the buyer to actually put the item in their cart before they could see the cost of the shipping! I voice my objection loudly on social media, and in Etsy Forums and to Etsy management by email.

I see my shop as the same thing as if I was in a real shop in a mall where I offer the items to be shipped anywhere in the USA. I see Etsy’s technical changes and testing as the management of the mall physically doing these things in my shop. Their actions are the same as coming into my shop, and removing my shipping tags and hiding these tags behind the counter so that a buyer would have to bring the item to the counter and ask how much it costs to ship the item. I feel this practice of showing shipping only after the item is placed into the cart is not transparent; in fact it is a deceptive practice.  I also think it is counterproductive because it alienates the buyer.

Overall though, my personal experience with Etsy is well worth the hassles involved with being part of a Virtual Mall, it is sort of like being a shop in a mall under renovation, and it’s still better than being a lone shop in a vast internet.

See other Town Hall meetings HERE 



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