The Preview of the New Format

If you have been following my newsletters, I’m sure you noticed that this month it has a new look. I like the worn pencils that I used for the border; that is how my own pencils look from all the design, layout, and budget plans I’ve been figuring on.

The new format for August includes the following segments, Shout Out, Welcome Message, Top Ten Goals, At the Desk, In the Studio, On the Back Deck, In the Kitchen, and Featured Article.  Each segment has internet links to more information, and as I say in the newsletter, if you are reading this newsletter on paper you won’t be able to access the information behind the Internet links. A link on paper is a locked door with no key. When on the internet the click of a mouse on the computer, or tap of a finger on the tablet or smartphone, is the key turning in the lock and the door opens.

One of my Top Ten Goals  for August  is to generate a QR Code for printed literature. In case you don’t know what a QR Code is, you have probably seen more than one but didn’t know what it was called. It is the black and white square that appears in newspapers, on sales brochures, and in magazines. It appears to have tiny black and white square dots randomly placed in a grid pattern, that can be read by a device that can read an image such as a smartphone or tablet. The function of the QR Code is to inform the viewer about something you want to tell them, such as a sale you may have in your shop or it could be a non commercial reason such as information about a school reunion or even a special family blog post. If I achieve my goal to create a QR Code in August you will find it in the September Newsletter.

Let me know what you think of the new format and the content of the August Newsletter. Here is the link to the August 2014 newsletter CLICK HERE – or go to the newsletter archive page.





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