“An Internet Link on Paper is a Locked Door”

What does that title say…  “Links are like Locked Doors on Paper” what does that mean?

[ added: 7-5-14: In retrospect, I think it makes more sense to title this article “An Internet Link on Paper is a Locked Door”  so I changed it ]

Have you ever picked up a printed document that has obvious links and think that on paper a link is like a locked door with no key for access to the information that lies behind the door? I think about my newsletter as a way to reach out to people and take their hand to lead them to the online version of the newsletter where they can utilize the links. All those links can only be utilized online. Those links are doorways to another room that is full of information. All those links are locked doors on a piece of paper, but on the internet the click of a mouse is the key turning in the locked door handle that opens the locked door and amazingly transports the cyber traveler to another room, or perhaps another Country!

I hope you will explore all the links in my newsletters, the latest edition can be found at https://maggiescornerdotorg.wordpress.com/newsletters/

This idea about links on paper being a locked door came to me when I was writing a letter, a “real” letter, the kind you may remember is written with pen to paper. I was writing this letter to my granddaughter Rabeka Jaide, because she had wrote me a letter and asked that I write to her. That was a very nice surprise when I opened my mail box recently and saw a letter from her! She had asked me about how is Maggie’s Corner doing, and so I printed the last few newsletters to send to her and when I was writing the letter to her, as often happens to me, as I re-read what I wrote, I thought it made a good topic for my blog post, so that is why I wrote a post about  “Links are like Locked Doors on Paper.”



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