Make your own Tee Shirt Yarn

The next time you get ready to throw out a tee shirt think about making it into yarn that can be used in many projects, everything from crochet to weaving! I happily accept unwanted shirts and if you are in the Florida panhandle and want the yarn but don’t want to do it yourself, I also will process yarn for customers.

Tee shirt yarn is so easy to make and a great way to #recycle #upcycle old tees that have holes or stains, is outdated, or maybe you are just tired of that tee shirt. You can make thick yarn or thin yarn, that is determined by how thin you cut the strips.

Below is a gallery of how-to make tee yarn. See a slide show on my YouTube Channel and excuse YouTube did not keep my slides in order I set in upload so the slide is not in the order of procedure. I can’t figure out how to reorder the pictures in the YouTube video manager, please excuse. Below the video are pictures listed in the order of procedure. 

One  tee shirt makes between 15 and 25 yards of yarn depending on size of tee and how wide strips are cut.

CIMG2667 CIMG2668 CIMG2669 CIMG2670 CIMG2671 CIMG2672 CIMG2673 CIMG2674 CIMG2675 CIMG2676 CIMG2677 CIMG2678 CIMG2679 CIMG2680 CIMG2681 CIMG2682 CIMG2683 CIMG2684 CIMG2685 CIMG2686 CIMG2687 CIMG2688 CIMG2689 CIMG2690 CIMG2691 CIMG2692 CIMG2693 CIMG2694 CIMG2695 CIMG2696 CIMG2697 CIMG2698 CIMG2699 CIMG2700 CIMG2701



I want to thank Sara Adams of Navarre Florida for the great big bag of Tee Shirts!


Red Tee Shirt made into yarn. The leftover section with arms and shoulders will be used in other projects.

I will be using the tee shirts to make yarn for rag rug projects.



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