Wooden yardsticks repurposed into weaving battens

New pictures loaded in Rag Rug Album on my Flickr page today.

The battens (swords) I made from the yardsticks seen in other pictures. I shaped with belt sander and palm sander, making one with rounded ends and the other with slanted ends. I used Ebony and Maple Minwax stain, respectively.


CIMG2544 CIMG2542 CIMG2541 CIMG2540 CIMG2539 CIMG2538 CIMG2537 CIMG2536CIMG2562 CIMG2563 CIMG2564 CIMG2565 CIMG2566 CIMG2567 CIMG2568 CIMG2592CIMG2612 CIMG2613 CIMG2614 CIMG2615 CIMG2616 CIMG2646 CIMG2647 CIMG2648 CIMG2649



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