Craft Brews News Episode 1 -by maggie #craftbeer #homebrew #recycle

“According to the Brewers Association, there are now 2,126 craft breweries in the U.S., more than there have been since 1890.”
In 2012 statistics showed that “Beer-passionate Americans are opening breweries at a rate faster than at any time since the day Prohibition ended for the beverage of moderation. There is nearly a new brewery opening for every day of the year, benefiting beer lovers and communities in every area across the country.” click on the link and read the rest of the story…. American Craft Breweries
I am a subscriber on youtube of and their recent episode 22 that is a discussion with Q&A from John Kimmich, head brewer at The Alchemist in Vermont, prompted me to write this article on my blog. I left a comment on this episode 22 in the comment section on youtube saying, “I am big on recycling and had to laugh and agree maybe it will take harsher language to get people to recycle, although many recycle cans because they get money from the aluminum. I enjoyed this video very much, GREAT information as well as being entertaining! I found a local craft brewery near me because of my recycling advocacy. I attended a “How to Make Home Brew” at my local food cooperative in 2011 where I was introduced as the bag lady because I make totes from coffee bags and feed bags. The brewmaster asked me if I could make totes from their grain bags. I said I would try and that launched me into a wonderful relationship with the local brewery because the owners of the brewery are members of the brew club and they saw the totes and asked me to design totes for their growlers. I been making totes for their gift shop ever since!”
In the episode 22 mentioned before, John Kimmich answers a question from the audience about Craft Beer Breweries and does he think that the new ones opening will reach a level of saturation. His answer was “basically” yes… because of ingredient supply limitations. I think that tells other entrepreneurial types that there is or will soon be a market for specialty growers of the grains and hops, as well as the very important malting companies that have to be there to provide the malted grains.  I also think with the organic food growers movement and NO GMO movement, that there can be even more specialization in the marketplace for farmers to have new crops in America.
Cannery of brewed beer saved the farm… actually the brewery…
Watch the Vermont Public Television video about how the demise of a local brewery due to a flood, became a success story.
Finally, to end this article I want to share the link to my favorite local brewery AND THEIR PAGE ON THE CRAFT BEER THAT THEY MAKE!  The upcycled grain bag totes that I make are sold in their gift shop. PENSACOLA BAY BREWERY 

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