My mantra is Don’t Throw That Away!

I finally completed the ABOUT page on my Etsy Shop. See it here:

My mantra is Don’t Throw That Away! Several years ago I had been saving my Starbucks coffee bags because I thought they were too pretty to throw out in the trash. One day I decided to try making a shopping tote using the coffee bags as material. When I went shopping with it people asked where I got it, and when I told them I made it, they wanted me to make one for them. Later I upcycled feed bags and grain bags too. I want to raise awareness for recycling, and although this material does make great totes and other useful items, that isn’t the answer to the millions of pounds of this stuff going into the landfills worldwide. My research is ongoing to learn more about what this material might be recycled into. The problem seems to be that it costs more to recycle this material than to make new, so until some bright entrepreneur finds a way to recycle this material into something that can be financially advantageous I suppose it will clog the landfills except for the ones we rescue and give a new life as an upcycled tote.



2 thoughts on “My mantra is Don’t Throw That Away!

  1. I can’t find an address on this to file in my hotmail.I need to add to my addresses for it keeps going to junk. I wouldn’t write to it beings your blog but wouldlike to have it come in my main page. Thanks

    I survived the 2014 Augusta, Ga. IceStorm and Earthquake.

    Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 13:53:29 +0000 To:

    • When you see it in the spam folder and click “not spam” then your email program should learn that it isn’t spam. Another suggestion is that in the email, scroll down to bottom and there is a link to “manage subscriptions” and when you click on that link, it should open in your WordPress Subscriptions page, there you should find a help section for how to set your filter. I hope this helps!

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