Upcycled Grain Bag Double Growler Totes for Pensacola Bay Brewery Gift Shop!

See the latest upcycled grain bag double growler totes that I make for Pensacola Bay Brewery! I recycle their grain bags. I designed this style especially for them. I line the grain bag with Starbucks coffee bags that have great cool retention qualities.

If you are in Pensacola, be sure to stop in the Pensacola Bay Brewery and buy a tote and fill it with their great brew! Monday is 30% off day the brew refills at Pensacola Bay Brewery! Tell them you heard about it on Maggie’s blog!


“LIKE”  Pensacola Bay Brewery on Facebook tell them you saw the upcycled totes on Maggie’s blog!

See more about Pensacola Bay Brewery on Brews Travelers 365



3 thoughts on “Upcycled Grain Bag Double Growler Totes for Pensacola Bay Brewery Gift Shop!

  1. Hi
    My son is brewer and we are currently opening a farm to tap brew house in Washington state. I have been making some items from spent grains( soap, dog biscuits) and hops(soap) and have been testing out patterns for bags. I like your bags and our friend owns a coffee stand. Would you be willing to share your pattern with me so people could carry their growlers from our brewpub in up cycled bags? They would only be going from our location. No on line sales or other pubs as we are considered a cottage industry and are limited by our business license restrictions.
    Leslee Smith
    Smithingtons Farms LLC.
    Atwood Ales

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