Perfect One of a Kind Gift

One of a Kind Gifts are my specialty! I love to design and create that OOAK custom made gift for all my customers! See what my customers say in my shop review section here:

These custom made items are made from recycled materials and appeal to the eco-friendly crowd, but they should appeal to everyone because they are not only beautifully unique, they are also tough, durable, rugged, and machine washable.

Order early to allow processing time! It takes 2 to 4 weeks to process orders, depending on which item you want made. All items are custom made and great care is taken to assure quality in construction as well as design. So please be patient, and be assured that we are making your item with tender loving care! MaggiesCornerDotOrg is dedicated to recycle efforts, and all proceeds go to the upcycling operation cost and educational programs provided by MaggiesCornerDotOrg. We are not affiliated in any way with the companies on any of the materials that we upcycle.



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