We are open again after holiday break

I just dusted off the cobwebs and opened the shop and restocked the shelves with the custom order options available. Remember all items in the shop are custom order, made to order, that means nothing is made in advance. All items are custom made and great care is taken to assure quality in construction as well as design. So please be patient, and be assured that we are making your item with tender loving care! MaggiesCornerDotOrg is dedicated to recycle efforts, and all proceeds go to the upcycling operation cost and educational programs provided by MaggiesCornerDotOrg. 

THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US! at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaggiesCornerDotOrg 

1. All recycled bags are completely processed by either pulling apart the glued seam, or by cutting a new opening along the side of the bag so that the bag can lay open flat for washing.
2. All bags are opened flat and scrubbed with cleaning and disinfecting solutions on both sides of the bag. Some bags require soaking to disinfectant and remove stains, That is done in a large plastic container when the bags are submersed in a disinfecting solution of chlorine water.
3. Washed bags are hung on line to dry, once dry the bags are ready to be cut-out for sewing just as any other material.
4. All totes and other items are constructed with great care for durability as well as aesthetics!

We are a proud member of the Etsy Recycler’s Guild teamhttps://www.etsy.com/teams/6474/etsy-recyclers-guild-team
We are a proud member of the Wag Community

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