My First Inkle Loom

I don’t know which I am more obsessed with, building the looms or weaving on them. I love giving a new life to items that have outlived their usefulness as their original purpose, such as the broom and mop handles that are now my backstrap and inkle looms.

I’m proud of my first inkle loom I finally made last weekend. I started planning the project several months ago when I got the lumber from Wilson’s (see their website link after this post) Lumber Mill, LOVE THEIR WOOD!

I been gathering wood rods from friends who save them for me. I looked at many inkle looms online and simple plans online, then I tackled it myself and after days of experimenting I completed not only the mini inkle, but also added an extension to make it even more useful.

I will be presenting the introductory class next month at Ever’man Natural Foods Cooperative community center. The class is called Don’t throw that Away! This inkle loom is one of the items I will demonstrate during the class.


See more pictures of this project in this album Inkle Loom Project


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